Episode 9 – Pastoral Teachings and Reordering of Society

Grace on Tap – Reordering of Society

During this episode, we follow Martin Luther’s pastoral focus in the 1519 – 1521 period. We are interested in how he translated his theology of the cross into sermons for regular folk, specifically looking at how he applied these ideas into two areas that he considered were of critical importance, marriage and prayer.

We look at his sermon on the estate of marriage

We also talk about his early expositions on the Lord’s prayer, where Luther has some ideas on how to teach the faith.

Finally, our conversation turns toward Luther’s sermon on Two Kinds of Righteousness, an amazingly short sermon considering the breadth and depth of the discussion. This sermon has implications on Luther’s thoughts for the proper distinction between church and state.

Beer Break

Stroh’s Bohemian-Style Pilsner is a classic European style pilsner brewed in Detroit.


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The discussion on marriage referenced a few articles

2 replies on “Episode 9 – Pastoral Teachings and Reordering of Society”

Hey guys! I enjoyed episode 9. However, it wasn’t until about 1/3 of the way through when you told us that Luther wasn’t even married yet. I like to know where Luther is in his life during the particular time period. Is he married yet? Where is he living? How old is he? Some of this you covered, but I like context.

Sorry for the late reply, Christi.

Really appreciate the feedback. We’ll certainly try to give a little more context to Luther’s life timeline in the beginning, especially when his life experience impacts the discussion items, like it did for this discussion on marriage!

Thank again for the feedback!

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