Episode 55 – Luther’s Letter “Whether one may flee from a deadly plague”

1527 Martin Luther writes to Breslau after they requested guidance on the responsibilities people have to stay in a city that experiences a deadly plague. Luther’s open letter “Whether one may flee from a deadly plague” provides a theological response to the common tension we will face between self-preservation and care for another person that is need. The letter is found in volume 43 of the American Edition of Luther’s Works.

Some other resources include:

Gene Veith at Patheos has written an article placing Luther’s letter in the context of the covid-19 virus that is causing concern around the world.

Rev. William Cwirla at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Hacienda Heights, California also does an excellent job providing some connections between Luther’s time and our own time.

Luther answers from the perspective of vocation. Those who have a vocation to care for a neighbor in need should not abandon those have need. But when others are sufficiently able to provide care then it is acceptable and commendable to care for oneself.

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