Grace on Tap – Podcast Introduction

This website is dedicated to promoting God’s grace that flows from His Word.

Martin Luther said, “Eyes must be taken captive to the obedience of Christ and be led by the Word alone, which is perceived by the ears and is not seen with the eyes. For we believe the invisible but not the inaudible.”

We are a couple of guys from Michigan that enjoy discussing theology with the original documents that shaped the Reformation. Mike Yagley is an engineering manager for a major company. Evan Gaertner is the pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Hamburg, Michigan.

We hope you look forward to January 2017. We will podcast on the important documents of the Reformation. We will talk about the historical context, try to understand the important players on the scene at the time, and consider the theological importance of the documents. We don’t plan to stay stuck in the historical world. We also plan to discuss the contemporary importance of these issues as well.