Episode 57 – Augsburg Confession Articles 1-21

Part One of the Augsburg Confession is Philip Melanchthon’s attempt to show that the Lutheran church is in continuity with the historic Christian faith and more importantly in alignment with the teaching of the Scriptures. This document is meant not to cause division but to show the basis for unity in the church.

This episode discusses Articles 1-21, which are the common articles of the Christian faith in which there should be no disagreement.

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Presentation of the Augsburg Confession on June 25, 1530 as a presentation of Jesus Christ and the confession of faith that arrives when bound to him as Lord.

Episode 56 – Introduction to the Augsburg Confession

In this episode Mike Yagley and Evan Gaertner introduce the Augsburg Confession. The beginning of the episode is a timeline leading up to June 25, 1530.

This date is a major turning point in the identity of Reformation as something other than a schismatic movement that is breaking apart the holy Christian church.

Christian Beyer presents the Augsburg Confession to the Diet of Augsburg.

You can follow read the Augsburg Confession online at

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Episode 40 – Saxon Visitations

When Luther and the other Reformers visited the common peasants in Electoral Saxony, they were shocked and deeply dismayed. 

Their problems were numerable, running from administrative issues to serious theological gaps. Most concerning, the majority of the common people had no idea of the most basic principles of the faith. 

Luther’s visits to Electoral Saxony marked a turning point in the Reformation, leading to some of his most cherished teachings to this day.

Taken from: König, Gustav Ferdinand Leopold. 1900. The life of Luther in forty-eight historical engravings. St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House.

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This is a very smooth stout with pleasing mild roast and rich bittersweet chocolate notes derived from a complex malt profile.

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