Episode 61 – Treatise on Good Works

Martin Luther published the Treatise on Good Works in June of 1520. Martin Luther had upended the medieval theological view of good works by encouraging people to trust in the good work of Christ and not in their own good works. With the focus of trust shifted away from our good works, what role do good works have in the life of a Christian? Luther defines the role of good works in this treatise through an examination of the Ten Commandments.

Project Gutenberg has a open source copy of the Treatise on Good Works. Volume 44 of Luther’s Work the American Edition contains this Treatise. Timothy Wengert has published with Augsburg Fortress an annotated edition that can be purchased for the Kindle at Amazon.

Beer Break

70+ by Old Nation Brewing Company is featured during our Beer Break in this episode. It is a West Coast Style India Pale Ale. 6.8% ABV and 72 IBU. The beer has a tangerine flavor with pine-like contribution from classic Columbus and Simcoe hops. The Idaho 7 hops support the new-school tropical twist.