Episode 35 – You Say You Want a Revolution

Thomas Müntzer’s traveled a circuitous route to becoming arguably the most radical of all the reformers of the 16thcentury. Starting out in Wittenberg as a student, he was thrown out of town after town, as the leadership learned who he was and what he was teaching.

Still, it would be a mistake to characterize Müntzer as unsuccessful. Wherever he went, he would find himself in high demand, with crowds gathering from miles around to hear him preach.

Everything came to a head between the fall of 1524 and the spring of 1525, as Müntzer’s teachings took hold, and the peasantry came to believe they were on the verge of new Christian order. In this new order, the peasants would be the leadership and the princes would be destroyed by God Himself.

Beer Break – Bloody Orange Honey

A unique twist on a great American style wheat beer, with the addition of fresh local wildflower honey mixed with blood orange zest, and blood orange puree. The result is a medium bodied beer that is very smooth with a residual sweetness and creaminess from the honey, and an exhilerating nose of citrus from the orange. 5.7% ABV 9.8 IBU

Cheboygan Brewing Co.

This episode is the conclusion of our look at the Peasants Revolt. We discuss how Thomas Müntzer came to an end and his revolution did not bring about the utopian eschatological end he expected.

Thank you to Josh Yagley, sound engineer, and all of our helpful resources that have helped make this episode possible.

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